Overview of the user interface
  • 24 May 2023
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Overview of the user interface

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Article summary

iSmartOfficeTM Provider Web is a web based application that is very easy to use to help Provider or Assistant to manage their iSmartOfficeTM Provider account role.
This help documentation is designed for iSmartOfficeTM Assistant account role so you can quickly learn iSmartOfficeTM Provider Web app as a new user or enhance your knowledge as a regular user.
With this role you can see your Available Working Schedule, See Job Opening, See list of Applied Job and manage any other things as a Clinic’s Provider.

iSmartOfficeTM Provider Web home page

1. Type your email address and password than click LOG IN button
2. Click the Register button to register a new iSmartOfficeTM Provider account
3. Click Reset Password button if you need to reset your password

Register a new iSmartOfficeTM Provider account

1. Click Register on the iSmartOfficeTM Provider Web main menu to register a new iSmartOfficeTM Provider account
2. Click REGISTER button under ASSISTANT icon

3. Fill up all the required information than click REGISTER button to submit your registration

4. An email registration notification sent to your registered email with an activation link inside. Follow the activation instruction on the email to activate your account. Kindly your attention to check Spam folder also

5. Activate your account using the activation link
6. Login again after activating your new iSmartOffice™ assistant account


Login to iSmartOffice™ Provider web using existing iSmartOffice™  Provider web Assistant account. Below is iSmartOffice™  Provider Web Assistant main page. You can use iSmartOffice™  Provider account that you registered on iSmartOffice™ Provider mobile.

There are Main menu on the top page: Home, Provider, Provider Schedule, Approval and Help

 1. Home

  • Click to go to iSmartOffice™ Provider Web Assistant main page

 2. Assistant

  • Click to open assistant basic information

 3. Assistant Schedule

  • Click to open assistant schedule information

4. Approval

  • Click to open assistant approval-related information

5. Forum

  • Click to see any dental-related forum where you can ask or answers any questions.

6. Support

  • Click to open any support or help from our team, including terms & conditions, privacy policy, etc.

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