Opening Schedule
  • 24 May 2023
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Opening Schedule

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Article Summary

Opening Schedule is a provider's vacant schedule at a clinic. Clinic can post provider available schedule where provider can apply. All the opening schedule will be listed under Opening Schedule page.

On Opening Schedule page you can:

  • View list of any opening schedule at all clinic
  • The opening schedule will be displayed in calendar view
  • The calendar view can be changed as a day, week or month view. Click on "month | week | day" tab on the calendar to change view

Access this page from left menu > Provider Schedule > Opening Schedule.

Day view

Week view

Month view

Apply for Opening Schedule

1. To apply for the Opening Schedule you can access Opening Schedule page from left menu > Provider Schedule > Opening Schedule
2. Click on one of the schedule to open the detail

 3. Check for the opening schedule detail then click Apply button to apply for the schedule
4. It will send a notification email to clinic so they can respond your application. It will also send to your registered email

5. All your application for opening schedule will be listed on Doctor Applied Schedule page under Approval menu

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