Latest Features and Release History
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Latest Features and Release History

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Article Summary

Current Releases

iSmartOffice™ Patient

Current version 2.5.4

Here are the app’s 7 main features:

1. AI-based Dental Assessment
A real-time AI-based dental needs assessment to help people seeking help identify their dental needs and provide a report (score) of their dental condition. Furthermore, it helps people build some foundation knowledge about their dental care. Users can show the result to review with their dentist (dental professionals) at their visit.

2. Find My Clinic
2.1. Search by Time Availability
See the dentist on your time-- use our easy calendar view to select times and dates that are convenient for you!

2.2. Find Your Service
Ours guided by dynamic questionnaires as well as AI-derived dental assessment features, it matches users with qualified providers tailored to the user's unique dental needs!

2.3. Match with a Qualified Provider
Locate the best service in your area with our provider ranking system!

2.4. Add Dental Insurance + Set A-Max Budget
Tell us if you have any dental insurance and how much you want to spend!

2.5. Set Your ZIP Code
Help us refine your search by entering your ZIP code!

3. Help
Gives extensive information on the background and nature of the displayed information.

4. Best Deal
Stay in the know for exclusive deals and discounts!

5. Appointment
View or change upcoming and past dental appointments.

6. History
Users can review previously purchased best deal(s) or completed appointment(s). And canceled appointment.

7. Profile
Consist of user personal information.

iSmartOffice™ Clinic

Current version 1.5.9

We know scheduling patient appointments can be a headache-- that’s why we’ve reinvented the scheduling process! With the iSmartOfficeTM Clinic app, you can now be a part of our growing provider network, matching with patients with general and specialized dental needs. This app gives you the upper hand-- review the appointment, verify patient insurance plan, and even receive payment BEFORE the initial exam.

Key features include:

1. Check-in by Scanning Patient QR Code
Spend less time checking patients in with our proprietary patient QR code system. Appointment and payment details automatically display on the iSmartOfficeTM Clinic app; all you have to do is scan!

2. New Appointment List
List of new appointments. Accept or deny appointment requests from any computer or mobile device!

3. New Doctor Candidate list
List of new doctor candidates. Manage providers at the tip of your finger!

4. New Assistant Candidate list
List of the new assistant candidate. Simply manage other clinic staff on the Manager app!

iSmartOffice™ Provider

Current version 1.6.3

This application has 2 (two) account role providers and assistants, to manage their busy working schedules as well as easily communicate with other office staff and managers. iSmartOfficeTM Provider also helps link providers and assistants with prospective employers.

Provider and Assistant 7 (seven) features:

1. Date Navigation
There is a set of the icon in this area used to navigate schedule date

2. Schedule Information
Any available schedule list on the activity date will be listed in this area

3. Profile
Access this feature to manage provider information

4. Open Schedule
Access this feature to view available open schedule that provider can apply for a job

5. Applied Status
Access this feature to manage schedule application status

6. Transaction
Access this feature to manage provider collection

7. Membership
Access this feature to manage existing provider membership on clinic